Theatre company Pinklec


Author: Tanja Novak

Director: Romano Bogdan

Dramaturgy: Tanja Novak
Music: Bojan Miljančić

Set design: Kristina Pongrac

Costume design: Patrik Dolenc
Light design: Neven Taradi

Cast: Igor Baksa, Mario Jakšić, Davor Dokleja i Bruno Kontrec

About the play: The “Snail tale”, a new play by the Theater Company Pinklec, in the form of an interactive 3D picture book, introduces the story of friendship and three frogs that meet in the cramped world of their own boobs with other animals, snails, black hair, squirrel, rabbit, mouse and each of them in the game and make friends.

This is a show that in the computer age when children from the earliest days spend various gadgets and spend hours and hours in individual games in the virtual world, talk about the value of the immediate game. This is a game that is the result of interaction between a child and a child – research, satisfaction, need and activity in which a child develops himself and his emotions.

The play is innovatively enlivened by various numbers, which have not long ago been marked by our childhood and are somewhat falling into oblivion in contemporary culture – numbers are a means of play, a stimulus to play, a complement to play and play alone.

The “Snail tale” by the witty adventures of its protagonists, through laughter and fun, brings the lesson that the play which brings joy, not the toy, points to the acceptance of diversity and teaches the rules of interpersonal relationships.

Duration: 45 minuta
Age: 3 +


11. Mali Marulić – festival of Croatian drama for children and young people, Split

Best Text Award – Tanja Novak for the ”Snail tale”

Award for Best Collective Performance – Ensemble of the ‘’Snail tale’’ (Igor Baksa, Davor Dokleja, Mario Jakšić and Bruno Kontrec)

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