Theatre Company Pinklec in coproduction with Teatar Poco loco

Drama, dance

Author: Rakhal Herrero

Choreography: Rakhal Herrero i Damian Cortes Alberti

Director: Renata Carola Gatica

Dramaturgy: Dunja Fajdić

Music: Rakhal Herrero

Sound design: Luka Vrbanić

Scenography: Rakhal Herrero

Costume: Hana Letica
Light design: Rakhal Herrero

Cast: Dunja Fajdić, Karolina Horvat, Maja Kovač, Mario Jakšić, Bruno Kontrec, Jurica Marčec

Voice in off: Dean Krivačić

About the play:

“Superheroes” is a new play by Teatar Poco Loco and Theater Company Pinklec, theatres that continue to explore new theatrical shapes and topics that are important for the younger audience.

The specialty of this performance is choreographed superhero fights created from dance elements and various martial arts. Along with dancing, the whole play is accompanied by the attractive music of various genres (opera, hip hop, techno) creating the atmosphere of the world at the border of reality and fiction. The whole story paraphrases the movies and cartoons about the superheroes that kids watch on a daily basis, creating a very narrow boundary between play and reality, fighting and dancing, with a very clear message that to violence we should say NO. Dialogue, creativity, love and respect for others – these are things that save lives.

Duration: 50 min
Age: 8 +

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