Theatre company Pinklec

(puppet performance)

Director: Romano Bogdan

Dramaturgy: Tanja Novak

Scenography and puppets: Lidija Matulin

Music: Bojan Miljančić

Light: Neven Taradi

Making of scenography: Davor Tkalec

Cast: Karolina Horvat, Mario Jakšić and Davor Dokleja

About the play:

“So long” is a puppet performance that brings a story of friendship. Through the warm content on the convergence and decay of the main characters, lions and birds, understandable and cathartic for children, the play problematizes the key developmental phases of each child’s life – attachment and separation.

Created on the motifs of the “Lion and Birds” picture book by Canadian author Marianne Dubuc, the play introduces in an unobtrusive way the message: “What do you do to someone else’s gift to yourself?”

When a lion finds a wounded bird in the vicinity of a lonely tree, decides to help her. Since all the birds have already flown to the south, they offered her a common coexistence and took her home. Decorated with selected details, the cottage is a cozy and warm home, where we follow the course of their everyday life, arranged around the day and evening rituals. Gradually, we are witnessing the birth of a wonderful friendship. However, in the spring, when the birds return from the distant south, the bird goes with a thong. What will happen to the lion and what will be of their friendship?

In this performance, for more than a decade, the well-groomed aesthetics of Theater Company Pinklec is focused on art and animation, so the work is based on the spell of creating and dissolving beautiful images in situ. Images are everyday, repetitive actions that are repeated in our lives countless times, like saving for rest, whose gray color, thanks to the sharing of momentum with the other, takes on a whole new color. The text is scanty, it serves as a direction for a linearly arranged narrative in which simple but warm and touchable scenes speak for themselves.

Duration: 45 minuta

Age: 3+

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