Theatre Company Pinklec & Artistic organization GLLUGL  Varaždin

Theatre Company Pinklec & Artistic organization GLLUGL  Varaždin

(puppet performance)


3.10. 2018. Youth centre Varaždin
7.10.2018. Centre of culture Čakovec

Author: Tamara Kučinović
Director: Tamara Kučinović
Dramaturgy: Filip Eldan
Scenography: Ivana Živković i Sheron Pimpi – Steiner
Puppet design: Ivana Živković i Sheron Pimpi – Steiner
Music: Petar Eldan
Light design: Tamara Kučinović
Cast: Katarina Arbanas, Nikša Eldan, Karolina Horvat i Mario Jakšić

Carpenter: Damir Šafar
Assistant scenography: Tončica Knez i Lorna Kalazić
Vocals: Hana Hegedušić i Inka Eldan
Graphic design: Matilda Lepoglavec
Sound master: Petar Eldan / Mario Dvanajščak
Might master: Filip Eldan / Mario Zelenbaba

About performance:

There is one city, a city that does not exist. The city of imaginary friends. It exists if we want it to exist … and we see it when we need to see it. Actually, not everybody can see it! That’s why it does not exist. Still, some of us see it! That is why it exists. It exits when someone believes in it. So it actually exists when it does not exist. You understand, do not you? Janko lives in this town. He’s waiting. He’s waiting for someone to call him. He is waiting for someone to believe in him, someone who needs him. Sometimes it takes long to wait. But it’s not a problem. That must be so. That’s all right.

Parents “Handbook” for performance Lunch for six:

Performance Lunch for six talks about a not so common, yet unusual topic of imaginary friends. We do not condemn this oddity or resentment, but through the performance we speak of the power of friendship, the basic human need to belong to someone and to make our dreams come true.

Duration: 45min

Age: 6+

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